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The reviews for Cats are in and they are hilarious

Are you going to see Cats?

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Emmy Griffiths
Emmy GriffithsTV & Film Editor
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The Internet has been fairly obsessed with the film Cats since the trailer premiered back in August. With CGI fur, cat characters with human faces and confusion about just what size these cat/human hybrids were supposed to be, it's safe to say that people were torn between fascination and horror about what to expect from the upcoming musical. Now the reviews have finally landed and the film has been universally panned by critics, with some going to some creative new lengths to describe just what to expect from the film, which is due to be released on Friday. See what the critics are saying here…

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Cats has received negative reviews

A critic for Little White Lies revealed that she once adopted two cats who had stomach upsets following a treatment at the vet, writing: "Naively I assumed this was the most abhorrent cat-related incident I would ever bear witness to. I suppose, in some twisted way, I should be impressed Tom Hooper has managed to best this horrifying visual experience with his all-singing, all-dancing abomination." She added: "I felt the light inside me slowly fading."

Cats Trailer #2 (2019) | Movieclips Trailers

The critic for New York Magazine wrote: "There is something magical about the simple fact that this movie exists, in all its obscene, absurd wonder, it's terrible filmmaking choices and bursts of jaw-dropping talent." The film also received a two-star review from the London Evening Standard, who wrote: "These cats are never even momentarily plausible as cats… Rather they seem to be grotesquely deformed human beings. There are moments when this film seems not so much an adaptation of a nonsense classic as a horror story, nearly as obscene as The Human Centipede." Wow.

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The reviews haven't all been bad, as USA Today described the film as an "utterly absurd yet oddly charming movie musical version of the Broadway hit," adding that director Tom Hooper "embraces the nonsensical, out-there nature of the original show while raising the spotlight of a supporting character who’s now the eyes, ears and paws of the audience through one strange journey". The reviews also don't appear to have put off cinema goers, who took to Twitter to discuss the film. One person wrote: "Say what you like about CATS but no set of reviews in human history has made me more surely think, 'Yes, I'm definitely going to go and see this,'" while another added: "Already bought my ticket to #CatsMovie - I've liked a lot of movies that everyone else thought sucked."

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