Marvelous Mrs Maisel star reveals show's fate following season three

Will there be a Marvellous Mrs Maisel season four?

Marvellous Mrs Maisel star Rachel Brosnahan has opened up about the future of the popular comedy drama – and has confirmed that it will indeed return for season four! The series follows former housewife Miriam Maisel, who decides to pursue a career in stand-up comedy after her husband leaves her, and is managed by the sarcastic yet well-meaning Suzie.

Rachel shared several snaps of herself in costume as Miriam while eating a bag of Cheetos on Instagram, and captioned the photo album: "Ready to serve you more SEASON 4! Can’t wait to get the merry @maiseltv band back together again & make another season for you all." The official Instagram account also confirmed the exciting news, writing: "It's time for an encore. #MrsMaisel is returning for Season 4!"

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Fans were delighted with the news, with one writing: "Please hurry, we want more!!! When is the next season out?? Just finished the latest one," while another added: "JUST finished season 3 and I'm plotzing. You are absolutely sensational love. So excited for season four. Also ask Susie if she'll be my manager too!"

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Fans were shocked after the season three finale ended some a sad note after [spoilers alert for those who still need to catch up] Miriam was fired from Shy Baldwin's tour after making several suggestive jokes about his sexuality during her stand-up routine. Speaking about the ending, one person tweeted: "I knew that ending was coming on #marvelousmrsmaisel as soon as Shy’s manager told Midge to tell jokes/stories about him. I'm so sad for her and also ughhhh to having to wait a year," while another added: "I knew it. I knew Midge was gonna go too far talking about Shy at the Apollo smh dang."