Dracula fans shocked by episode two's major twist - find out what happened 

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BBC's Dracula has proven to be the most talked about show of 2020 (so far), as fans flocked to social media to discuss Thursday night's episode. The episode followed Count Dracula as he narrated his boat journey to England, which of course involved killing most of the crew and passengers on the ship. However, Dracula was ultimately outsmarted by Agatha Van Helsing, who arranged for the boat to be destroyed, therefore sinking the dirt from Dracula's homeland that he needs to sleep in.


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However, in the final moments of the episode, a revived Dracula breaks out of a box, suggesting that he had managed to find the box filled with the earth that he needed to revive himself, and make his way to the coast. Upon arrival, viewers were shocked when Dracula was greeted by a helicopter, police cars and Agatha Van Helsing as a member of the police force, who then welcomes him to the UK, asking: "What took you so long?"

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The show jumped ahead to modern day

Taking to Twitter, one fan wrote: "This is staggeringly good. Absolute brilliance from all involved," while another added: "That was *spectacular*. The voyage of the Demeter is one of my favourite parts of the book. We only have the captain’s log as testament what happens so a *whole episode* dedicated to that story within a story is a real treat. And that ending. I mean THAT ENDING." A third person tweeted: "Oooh #Dracula catapulted into the 21st century...nice twist! Agatha lives on."

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Fans have also praised Claes Bang for his role as Dracula, and he previously opened up about what drew him to the part. Chatting to The Guardian, he said: "It was the loneliness of that character that got to me. Imagine what it’s like: it’s a Tuesday evening, 1718, mid-November, you haven’t had any company in your castle for 200 years. There’s a sadness that I really liked."

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