Meet the cast of BBC's Dracula, from Claes Bang to Dolly Wells

Meet the seriously impressive Dracula cast

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Ahead of BBC's second episode of Dracula, we have put together a who's who of the brilliant (and let's face it, deeply terrifying) cast. From the Count himself to his arch nemesis, a nun by the name of Agatha, here's everything you need to know about the genius cast of the new adaption written by Sherlock's Stephen Moffatt and Mark Gatiss...

Claes Bang - Count Dracula 

Claes Bang, 53, has been widely praised for his portrayal as the evil yet oddly charming Count Dracula, and the Danish actor has plenty of roles under his belt. He has previously starred in The Girl in the Spider's Web, The Affair and The Square, and opened up about taking on the Count. "It was the loneliness of that character that got to me," he told The Guardian. "Imagine what it’s like: it’s a Tuesday evening, 1718, mid-November, you haven’t had any company in your castle for 200 years. There’s a sadness that I really liked." 


Dolly Wells - Agatha Van Helsing 

Dolly was arguably the star of the show thanks to her turn as the quick talking, sassy nun with a deep interest in the dark arts, Sister Agatha Van Helsing. Dolly has a seriously impressive filmography, and has also wrote and appeared in Doll & Em, Blunt Talk and Star Stories.


John Hefferman - Jonathan Harker

Jonathan underwent quite the transformation in Dracula's first episode, so you have to hand it to John as those were some brilliant acting chops! The actor has previously starred in Luther, and played Lord Altrincham in The Crown. In fact, he is quite the dab hand at period dramas, having also starred in Dickensian and Outlander. 

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Morfydd Clark - Mina Harker

As Jonathan's doting fiance and at the heart of one of the many plot twists in the opening episode, we were seriously impressed with Morfydd's performance! The Welsh actress has also appeared in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies as Georgiana Darcy, Sister Clara in His Dark Materials, and is due to play Galadriel in the TV adaptation of The Lord of the Rings. 


Joanna Scanlan - Mother Superior 

If you were watching the Mother Superior's excellent speech to her fellow nuns (before Dracula enters and beheads her, of course) and wondering where you have seen her before, we're not at all surprised. Joanna is perhaps best known for her role as Terri in The Thick of It, as well as How to Talk to Girls at Parties and Hold the Sunset. 

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Sacha Dhawan - Dr Sharma

Warning, Doctor Who spoilers ahead! Sacha is having quite the January! After starring in Doctor Who as the Doctor's greatest enemy, the Master, he is due to appear in Dracula as Dr. Sharma. The role is a new one to the adaptation - so we can't wait to see whether he'll be an enemy or ally to the Count! 


Jonathan Aris - Captain Sokolov

Jonathan is a favourite of Stephen Moffatt and Mark Gatiss, having also starred as Donovan in the popular Sherlock adaptation. In Dracula he will play Captain Sokolov in episode two, Vessel of Blood, and a sneak peek of the second episode's trailer has already hinted that his encounter will the vampire won't be a pleasant one!