Doctor Who back on form after return of major villain in plot twist

Did you watch Wednesday night's episode of Doctor Who?

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Many fans took to Twitter on Wednesday night to say that Doctor Who was back to top form after a strong opening episode to season 12. The episode, which starred Jodie Whittaker as the Doctor, followed the gang as they investigate the mysterious deaths of MI5 agents while an unknown alien threat invades planet earth. However, the major twist of the episode took place in the latter part of the series, when it is revealed that the Doctor's MI5 contact, O, is actually a new incarnation of the Master, the Doctor's arch nemesis. 


The episode found the Doctor and her friends in danger

Fans were thrilled by the twist and the episode as a whole, with one writing: "It's been a very long time since a Doctor Who plot twist got me like that just did. I am still in shock, I can't quite comprehend what just happened. That was EASILY my favourite episode by Chibnall so far. What a brilliant debut for the season!" Another person added: "Honestly #DoctorWho last night was so much fun, not just coz of that episode but because it really brought back the anticipation and excitement, we were theorising over the plot twist and the impact it had! It felt amazing to discuss it like that again! Just so happy it’s back."


Did you see the twist coming?

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The return of the Master also introduced a whole new mystery to the series, as the character, played by Sacha Dhawan, tell the Doctor that "everything [she] knows is a lie". Fans have suggested that the statement might be linked to the 'Timeless Child' that was mentioned in season one then never explained. In season 11, the Doctor's enemy the Remnants tell her: "We see deeper though, further back. The Timeless Child… we see what’s hidden, even from yourself. The outcast, abandoned and unknown." Will we finally get the answers this time? We can't wait to find out! 

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