The future of Downton Abbey has been revealed

The film adaptation of the TV show was a huge hit

Emmy Griffiths

Downton Abbey's first film was a huge success, and as a result the TV show and film's creator, Julian Fellowes, has now hinted that there is certainly a sequel in the works. Chatting at the Winter PTCA press tour for his new show, Belgravia, Julian revealed that he would be making a start on the sequel after he completes his upcoming drama for HBO, The Gilded Age.


Would you like a sequel?

When asked about the next Downton film, he joked: "Give us a break, guv. Not until I’ve finished the scripts for The Gilded Age." Jim Carter, who played the butler Carson in the show and film, previously said how much he'd like there to be a sequel on This Morning, explaining: "I think there's plenty of room for more. I'll be at the front door and I'll even let you in! There's potential there and I think we would be very happy to do it, if everyone enjoys the first one."


Julian hinted that he will start writing the new script soon

Speaking about the show ending, he added: "It caught me by surprise… Our job as actors is to do a job and move on… so I was used to that. But it came to the last day and it was New Year's Eve in the show and we were singing Auld Lang Syne, and so there was a sentiment to the scene anyway. I felt as the older statesman that I should say a few words. I thanked everybody and I looked at the crew who had been with us for six years, and most of them all the way through the series, and I got quite a lump in my throat."

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The film was a huge hit with fans, having made £110million at the box office. The story follows the lives of the wealthy Crawley family and their maids, butlers and cooks, who are thrown into disarray by the impending arrival of King George V and Queen Mary.

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