Endeavour viewers all said the same thing about the season 7 premiere

Were you expecting Endeavour's move in the opening scene?

Endeavour was finally back on our screens on Sunday night, and fans were delighted to see the return of Shaun Evans as a younger incarnation of the iconic Inspector Morse. However, viewers were quick to take to social media to express their surprise in the opening episode after Morse shares a romantic (and raunchy) moment with his new love interest, Violetta. 

Endeavour met Violetta in Venice

Discussing the racy opening scene, one person wrote: "So Shaun Evans has directed himself a holiday in Venice and an affair with a beautiful woman in the first 15 minutes!" Another person added: "Blimey! Morse is a fast mover." Of course, Endeavour's fling with Violetta had a purpose, as it is soon revealed that she is the wife of his new friend, Ludo. Viewers commented on the plot twist, with one tweeting: "Trust Morse to get involved with his new friends wife." Another joked: "'Morse, come and meet my wife.' That’s put the cat among the pigeons." 

What do you think of the new series so far?

Chatting about the storyline, Shaun told The Mirror: "Endeavour is on holiday. He’s not weighed down by his identity back home, so he feels he can be a new person. Violetta is so unattainable and not of Morse’s world. It’s never going to end happily, because she isn’t the kind of woman he’ll be settling down and making dinner with." 

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Chatting about what to expect from the new series, the actor also told Digital Spy: "I think the relationship with Violetta builds and builds and builds, and it’s that which I’m interested in. That relationship builds while the one with Thursday deteriorates. I like that - I think that’s good! People may not like it because it’s slightly different but then it’s good to surprise people." 

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