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The Pale Horse fans shocked by major change in Agatha Christie adaptation 

What do you think of the new Agatha Christie adaptation?

the pale horse
Emmy Griffiths
TV & Film Editor
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The Pale Horse viewers enjoyed Sunday night's episode of the new two-parter BBC One show, but many took to Twitter to discuss a major change to a classic Agatha Christie adaptation - the language! In one scene, Mark Easterbrook is walking someone out of his home when he says: "My advice to you is to start drinking... heavily. But first [expletive] off!." and viewers were quick to express their surprise in the language. 

pale horse

What did you think of the episode?

One person wrote: "Ooo did he just swear that was never in Agatha Christie," while another added: "Watching #ThePaleHorse and I legitimately squeaked because Rufus Sewell said '[expletive]' in an Agatha Christie! I've officially become old." Another person joked: "I'm pretty sure Mark Easterbrook never told anybody to '[expletive] off!' in the book!" 

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The second episode will air on Sunday

Despite surprise over the language, the show appeared to be a universal hit, with one person writing: "Loved #ThePaleHorse. This England of sinners and psychopaths @PhelpsieSarah is building from Christie’s work feels as distinct as Greeneland." Another added: "A little bit Hitchcock. A little bit Kubrick. Intelligent and classy. And THE most divine cherry print frock I’ve ever seen #ThePaleHorse." 

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Speaking about her decision to adapt The Pale Horse, screenwriter Sarah Phelps explained: "The deciding factor was that actually, The Pale Horse is stranger because it’s a real conflict between science and rationality, and paranoia and superstition, and also three witches. You can’t resist really. You’ve got to have three witches. So that was what felt really exciting... It's unusual. She doesn’t really normally write about things like that. She’s not really interested in superstition and religion and things like that. She likes watching people lie, so to have this felt like a real break. And also the twist is... filthy. It’s filthy. It’s quite breathtakingly ugly."

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