Is this major Doctor Who character leaving the show?

This first look Doctor Who picture doesn't look good for Ryan

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Doctor Who fans are convinced that a major character will be leaving the popular BBC show – particularly due to the latest sneak peek photos of Sunday evening's penultimate episode, Ascension of the Cybermen. A new photo shows one of the Doctor's companions, Ryan Sinclair, captured and strapped into an extraterrestrial chair – and viewers have suggested that this could be the end of the road for him, particularly as the actor Tosin Cole, who plays Ryan, has been cast in a new US drama, 61st Street.


Is Ryan leaving the TARDIS? 

The show has also recently hinted that Ryan might have had enough of travelling with the Doctor, as he pointed out that although they can travel through time, they are changing without being with their friends and family. The three companions, including Bradley Walsh and Mandip Gill, have yet to confirm whether they'll be starring in the next series.


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Fortunately, Jodie Whittaker has said that she will be playing the Doctor in season 13, telling Entertainment Weekly: "I'm doing another season. That might be a massive exclusive that I'm not supposed to say, but it's unhelpful for me to say [I don't know] because it would be a massive lie! I absolutely adore it. At some point, these shoes are going to be handed on, but it's not yet. I'm clinging on tight!"

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Jodie has confirmed she will be playing the Doctor in season 13

Speaking about Tosin potentially leaving the series, one fan tweeted: "I like how they give us glimpses of the main plot and how they clearly lead us towards the fam leaving - or least Ryan leaving. Tonight, for the first time, I've felt that their exit will matter to me because they matter to me, AT LAST! No irony, I'm genuinely so glad." Another added: "Why do I get the feeling that Tosin has left Doctor Who and Ryan is leaving at the end of the series? Hope I’m just overthinking."

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