Where is Flesh and Blood filmed? Inside the shooting locations for new ITV drama

Flesh and Blood is on ITV over the next few nights

The new ITV drama Flesh and Blood started on Monday night and viewers are already hooked after just one episode. But as well as the intriguing plot and impressive names in the cast such as Imelda Staunton, Russell Tovey and Francesca Annis, the scenery is another reason to watch. Find out all you need to know about where the programme was filmed below.

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Where is Flesh and Blood filmed?

The mini-series is filmed on location in the seaside town of Eastbourne on the south coast of England with a population of around 107,000. The Sussex town boasts picturesque views of the coast, a resort for locals and tourists, and the highest chalk sea cliff in Great Britain. Thanks to the sea views, high cliffs and sandy beaches, Flesh and Blood's backdrop has been compared to other popular ITV drama Broadchurch, which lead to a rise in tourism in Dorset.

The south east coast was the primary location for filming

On why the beaches of the south east coast were chosen as the location for shooting, director Louise Hooper explained to Good Housekeeping: "I wanted it to be like a modern parable, you've got the sea - which you've got no control over - you've got the shingle and the two houses." She continued: "A bit like a theatre stage, you've got the characters that come into that. There's no town or city, we're not anchored to anything so it floats in its own little heightened story." In addition to Eastbourne, many of the show's scenes were filmed in London, as well as Normans Bay and Pevensey Bay, both in East Sussex, and the well-known coast of Beachy Head.

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Beachy Head was also a location for scenes

What is Flesh and Blood about?

The four-part drama centres on three adult children, Helen, Jake and Natalie, as they come to terms with their mother Vivien (Francesca Annis) meeting a new partner, Mark (Stephen Rea), shortly after the death of their father. As well as the complicated family dynamics, the ITV show also has a mysterious whodunit threading throughout. Vivien's nosy neighbour Mary (Imelda Staunton) speaks to detectives on the incident and viewers are left guessing who has been attacked, and by whom.

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Most of the series was filmed on location

What else is there to know about Flesh and Blood filming?

As well as the viewers no doubt enjoying the beautiful backdrop, the location proved popular with the cast. Imelda recently expressed how beautiful the town was to film in. Appearing on Monday's Lorraine, the actress explained: "Here we are for the next four nights in this dull, grey February, but we [filmed] in Eastbourne last summer and it was boiling hot every day. But it looks like it's the Riviera."

Imelda Staunton recently express her love for filming on the coast

Another one of the show's stars Stephen Rea, who plays the mysterious Mark, spoke of his love for the town to the Eastbourne Herald. "The two houses that feature in the story front on to the beach. You can walk straight out of the sea to the front door. Absolutely unbelievable. A tremendous location. A lovely place to live," he said.

Flesh and Blood continues on Tuesday at 9pm on ITV.

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