White House Farm: fans think this is the moment Jeremy Bamber admitted his guilt in final episode

What did you think of the ending of the ITV drama?

For the past six week viewers have been gripped by ITV drama White House Farm which told the harrowing story of the Bamber murders of 1985. The drama came to a conclusion on Wednesday night and saw Jeremy Bamber, played by Freddie Fox, found guilty for the murder of his mother, father, sister and two nephews. Despite Jeremy protesting his innocence, both throughout the drama and in real life, viewers noticed a moment where they thought Jeremy admitted his guilt.

WATCH: This is the moment viewers think Jeremy admitted his guilt in White House Farm

In the final episode, the prosecution directly asked Jeremy if he was guilty, to which he replied: "Well, that's what you've got to try and establish?" And viewers of the show are convinced this is the moment that Jeremy admitted his guilt to judge and jury. Taking to social media to react to the statement, which reportedly happened in the real life trial of 1986, one person wrote: "#WhiteHouseFarm Jeremy's comment 'That's what you've got to try to establish' a key moment in the trial. Would an innocent man really have said that?!!!" While another echoed this notion, tweeting: "'That's what you’ve got to try and establish' - Jeremy Bamber. That line of a guilty man in my eyes. What a series it's been! The pictures shown at the end were so haunting. #WhiteHouseFarm."

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Jeremy was given a life sentence for the mruders in 1986

After Jeremy received his guilty verdict and sentencing, fans were also quick to give their own verdict on the series as a whole. One viewer applauded the acting, writing: "What a performance, Freddie Fox was spell-binding as Jeremy Bamber, blood curdling, emotionless, cold, utterly compelling, he had me hooked for six weeks, big shout out to Mark Addy who was believable as Stan Jones #WhiteHouseFarm." Another agreed, tweeting: "#Whitehousefarm is an astonishing piece of drama. @mrmarkaddy in particular is beyond brilliant and long may our greatest talents bring truth to our darkest hours."

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Mark Addy's performance in the drama received high praise

As well as having high praise for the actors' performances in the drama, many were complimentary on how the show put a spotlight on the subject of mental health. One person tweeted: "If anything #WhiteHouseFarm has been a huge insight into the perception and treatment of mental health. A whole police force was set on pinning a mass murder/suicide, no questions asked, on Sheila purely because she 'had a mental illness'. Terrifying. Amazing series though!"

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