Who is PC Cheryl in Last Tango in Halifax? Rachel Leskovac returns after five years

The Last Tango in Halifax finale airs on Sunday night - but will PC Cheryl make an appearance?

Last Tango in Halifax welcomed back PC Cheryl the episode three of the popular BBC drama, where she exchanged words with Gillian. So how does Cheryl fit into the story, and where have we seen her before? Find out more about the character and the actress who plays her, Rachel Leskovac, here…

Who is PC Cheryl?

Cheryl was first introduced back in series two of Last Tango in Halifax as Robbie's colleague and extremely friendly girlfriend. Alan's daughter Gillian (Nicola Walker) has never warmed to Cheryl, particularly since she believes that Robbie is only dating her to make Gillian jealous. So when Robbie and Gillian finally get together (which Robbie being unfaithful in the process), Cheryl furiously confronts Gillian at her place of work in the supermarket, causing her to be fired from her job. Since then, it's fair to say the pair haven't quite gotten along.

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Cheryl returned in season five episode three in her role as a police officer, and gleefully gives Gillian a hard time for allowing her sheep to escape and wreak havoc in Halifax. Fans of the show were delighted when she referenced a character from Happy Valley, Catherine Cawood, while giving Gillian a telling off. She said: "It's a good job it's me on duty and not Sergeant Cawood, because she'd rip your spleen out through your nose for speaking to a police officer like that." Will we be seeing more of Cheryl in the finale? We'll have to wait and see!

Rachel Leskovac plays Cheryl

Who is Rachel Leskovac?

Rachel is an actress perhaps best known for starring in Shameless, and as Natasha Blakeman in Coronation Street. She has also starred as Joanne Cardsley in Hollyoaks. The Bradford-born actress is also well known for her theatre work, and was nominated for a Olivier Award for her performance in Spend Spend Spend. Rachel has also starred in one of Last Tango creator Sally Wainwright's other shows, as she played Ashley's wife Julie in Happy Valley.

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