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Last Tango in Halifax season five premiere explained

Why is Judith rich? Why is Caroline living in a new place? Who is Calamity?

last tango family
Emmy Griffiths
Emmy GriffithsTV & Film Editor
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Last Tango in Halifax was back on our screens on Sunday night, and while fans were delighted to be reunited with Alan, Celia and their dysfunctional family, plenty of viewers took to Twitter to admit that they had forgotten parts of the series due to the four-year break in between series. One person tweeted: "Don't get me wrong, I'm glad #LastTangoinHalifax is back, it's just with a big gap since the last series it's hard to reach the inner depths of my brain to remember who's who and what's what! I have to remind myself what day it is these days!" Another added: "My brain can't remember a few things... Why is Judith loaded? Was she pregnant at one time?" For those who still need a reminder, here's everything you need to know about the season five premiere…

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Alan and Celia, who reunited and married in their 70s after being childhood friends, previously lived in a flat adjacent to Celia daughter's Caroline's house until she moved to Huddersfield. While they moved in with her at her new home in season four, the time hop to season five saw the pair now living in a bungalow of their own.

last tango 1

Celia and Alan now have their own bungalow

Meanwhile, Caroline is heading up a public school after being forced to leave her prestigious, private school role, and is a single mother to her daughter, Flora, following her wife Kate's death in season three. She has two sons, William and Lawrence. While William is working at a publishing house in London, Lawrence is unemployed and trying to become a YouTube sensation with his best friend, Angus. Caroline's ex-husband, John, is now living with his on-and-off girlfriend Judith – who has now become a successful author of JK Rowling-levels of fame and fortune – but has a drinking problem.

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last tango john

Caroline's ex-husband John

As for Gillian, she is struggling financially while living at the farm with her son, Raff, his wife, Ellie and their daughter, Emily (known better as Calamity), who they had while still at school. She has split from Robbie after admitting to him that she murdered his adopted brother and her husband, Eddie, after years of domestic abuse – and Robbie went travelling.

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last tango raffa

Raffa and Ellie

The new series has been a huge hit with viewers so far, who took to social media to discuss the first episode. One person wrote: "It's just lovely to have #LastTangoinHalifax back. Such brilliant writing and acting. Every single character could carry their own spin-off." Another added: "#LastTangoInHalifax; one of my favourite shows; has been since day one; almost every actor & actress in it is fantastic; brilliant witty script. Love characters giving replies to unasked questions out of order!"

last tango calamity

Alan with Calamity

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