Viewers demand a third series of The Split as they react to emotional final episode

What did you think of the final episode? Spoilers below!

BBC's The Split came to a dramatic close on Tuesday night and fans were quick to respond to its emotional final episode. The legal drama, which stars Nicola Walker as family lawyer Hannah Stern and Stephen Mangan as her husband Nathan left reeling from her affair, finished with a tear-jerking scene that had viewers demanding a third series to find out what will happen next in the Stern family.

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WATCH: The Split draws to a dramatic close

Many took to social media to give their verdict on the final episode; on the moment Hannah realised that Nathan had made his final decision to leave, one viewer tweeted: "I bawled my eyes out while watching the scene where Hannah picked up the ring. I need a third series more than anything. #TheSplit," while another wrote: "#TheSplit THE biggest lump in my throat. What an emotional masterpiece. @StephenMangan & Nicola Walker were simply divine once again. Encore!"

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Fans are desperate for The Split series three

Another fan, who watched the show in one sitting thanks to iPlayer providing the whole series in one go, tweeted: "Watched the whole thing weeks ago and now feeling terribly jealous of everyone who is about to experience the final! It was one of best (yet heartbreaking) shows I've ever watched - although I don't think I'll ever get over that dinner scene. #TheSplit."

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The BBC has yet to confirm whether the popular show will be returning for series three, but it will no doubt be welcomed. Stephen took to social media to thank fans for their messages on the show and confirmed that a series three was yet to be confirmed. The actor, 51, wrote: "Wow, over 500 messages on here this morning about #TheSplit. We seem to have made a lot of you cry! Thank you again, sorry I can’t respond to them all. And we don’t know about a third series yet. Fingers crossed…" Watch this space...

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