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Fans of The Trouble with Maggie Cole are saying the same thing about episode four 

Are you enjoying Dawn French's new comedy?

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Fans have been praising Dawn French's new comedy The Trouble with Maggie Cole's latest episode, which aired on Wednesday night, with many suggesting that it is the perfect escapism while in isolation. However, viewers are desperate to know just what the very mysterious 'secret' is!


Dawn French stars as Maggie Cole

The series follows Maggie Cole, a chatty and vivacious woman who spills several secrets about fellow villagers during a radio interview, then has to deal with the fall out of her actions. Following episode four, fans took to Twitter to praise the series, with one writing: "Just what we need right now, a heartwarming and funny drama #TheTroubleWithMaggieCole Can’t wait for next week's episode." Another person added: "Loving this, so much going on in such a small village! Brilliant!" Discussing the secret, one wrote: "Anyone know what the secret is?" Another replied: "No I paused it and tried to read it but didn’t see anything." Another added: "Nope! I'm enjoying the series but not knowing the secret is irritating me!"

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Viewers have already spoken about how much they are looking forward to episode five, and the synopsis reads: "Maggie is in need of some time alone so she heads to the pub to get a room and amend another ‘radiogate’ wrong. She learns the real story of landlord Brian, who is far from a ‘gangster on-the-run’. With no rooms free, Maggie stays with daughter-in-law Becka and they have a rare moment of bonding. Peter is working late at the school when his secretary Karen reveals her feelings towards him in a very unexpected way. Alex visits Roxanna whilst she’s babysitting Neil and Kelly’s son Josh, and desperately tries to find the lottery winnings to pay off the lenders."

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