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Outlander fans are convinced that this character isn't really dead - find out why

Fans took to Twitter to discuss the Outlander episode, The Ballad of Roger Mac

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Emmy Griffiths
Emmy GriffithsTV & Film Editor
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Warning! Spoilers ahead for Outlander season six episode seven, The Ballad of Roger Mac. Fans of Outlander were shocked and devastated by the latest episode, which saw not one but two beloved characters seemingly killed off. While it was apparent that Murtagh, Jamie's beloved godfather, had died, the series ended on a cliffhanger after Jamie, Claire and Brianna discovered that Roger had also died. 

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Fans were also devastated when Murtagh died

In the final moments of the episode, the Fraser family are looking for Roger following a battle when they find him having been hanged. Despite the family's devastation at his death, fans are positive that he will survive his fate. One person wrote: "Okay Roger can’t be dead. In the books he’s still alive. Please help me." Another pointed out that it might not be Roger at all, and that someone stole his jacket, writing: "The body has a bag over its head. I'm guessing the angry husband stole Roger's stuff." A third person added: "I  am completely devastated with the end of this episode, with no structures to endure, I just know how to cry, omg Murtagh will be forever in our hearts, will be so missed, what about Roger? Omg says he is not dead, please." 

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In the book version of the storyline (and again, spoilers ahead for those who haven't read the series), it is indeed Roger who is hanged after being mistaken as a rebel. However, he manages to get his hand around the rope, taking off the pressure for just long enough for Claire to save his life. However, as a result he is left with permanently damaged vocal cords. Fans will have to wait another two weeks to find out Roger's fate, as the show is taking a short break. It will return to Amazon Prime on Monday 13 April. 

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