Phillip Schofield reveals close friend suffered severe coronavirus symptoms

The This Morning presenter was discussing the pandemic alongside co-host Holly Willoughby

Francesca Shillcock

Phillip Schofield has revealed that one of his closest friends has recently recently suffered severe coronavirus symptoms. During Wednesday's episode of This Morning, the TV presenter spoke about Prime Minister Boris Johnson's admission to intensive care, alongside co-host Holly Willoughby and an intensive care consultant, when he shared details about his friend's experience. Watch the video…

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WATCH: Phillip Schofield detail his close friend's symptoms

The presenter's worrying story of his friend comes soon after he expressed his frustration at those wanting to know answers straight away following Boris Johnson's admission to hospital. During another recent episode of the morning magazine show, Phillip appeared to make a veiled swipe at Good Morning Britain presenter Piers Morgan after he asked about the government's next steps.

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Phillip made the passionate plea: "As we sail through these troubled waters, everybody wants to know everything straight away, 'who's in charge? What happens now?'" he began, adding: "This morning I heard 'what happens if there's a nuclear war, who presses the button?' We have got to be very careful here that we take each step at a time and that we approach this with level heads." Piers, however, defended himself by saying: "Thank you. Some people didn't think it 'appropriate' for me to clarify exactly who is now running the country (incl authority to deploy UK's nuclear defence) given our Prime Minister is in intensive care. Frankly, I can't think of anything more important to know."

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