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Outlander star Caitriona Balfe breaks silence over Sam Heughan bullying statement 

Outlander star Caitriona Balfe is hugely supportive of her co-star, Sam Heughan

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Outlander star Caitriona Balfe has broken her silence over her co-star Sam Heughan's heartbreaking statement about online harassment. Taking to Twitter, the actress firmly supported Sam's message, writing: "Sad that Sam has had to come out and say all this. I would have thought mean [expletive] behaviour would have been left in the school yard." 


Caitriona supported Sam's statement

She continued: "But unfortunately a VERY SMALL but very vocal part of this fandom use their energy to write and say awful untrue things... maybe they should harness all that energy to get involved in their local charities... And honestly it’s quite simple ... If you don’t like us .. it’s a big beautiful world out there. Find something you do love and enjoy that. Life as it’s all too clear right now is short. Why waste it hating." 

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Fans were quick to support her, with one writing: "Love you both! And love this fanbase which is overwhelming GOOD and KIND and I’m so sorry a small portion are trying to ruin it for the rest. Thank you and @samheughan for working to make the world a better place. Let’s flood the world with love and light in retribution." Another added: "I’m so sorry for all of this. You’re all so good to us, giving your time and your efforts to make us happy, and some people treat you that way. This is a shame. You don’t deserve this. Nobody deserves this." 

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Sam, who plays Jamie Fraser in the historical drama, originally took to Twitter to speak out against social media trolling. He wrote: "After the past six years of constant bullying, harassment, stalking and false narrative I am at a loss, upset, hurt and have to speak out. It's affecting my life, mental state and is a daily concern. My costars, friends, family, myself, in fact anyone I'm associated with, has been subjected to personal slurs, shaming, abuse, death threats, stalking, sharing of private information and vile, false narrative... I will not entertain it anymore." 

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