Susanna Reid speaking to Ken

Susanna Reid in tears during heartwarming interview with care home resident Ken - watch

A video of Ken being gifted a photograph of his late wife on a pillow has gone viral 

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Susanna Reid was in tears on Tuesday's episode of Good Morning Britain after meeting care home resident Ken, who has become a viral sensation after he was given a photograph of his late wife on a pillow by a care worker to cuddle at night. After Ken and care home worker Kia chatted to Piers Morgan and Susanna on the breakfast show, the TV presenter praised the heartwarming story. Watch...

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WATCH: Piers and Susanna spoke to Ken and Kia

After saying goodbye to Ken and Kia, Susanna joked to her co-host Piers Morgan: "I think I've cried three times during this interview." Viewers were quick to agree, with one writing: "Well Ken and Kia you’ve had me crying already this morning. What a lovely caring young girl." Another added: "Wow what an interview this morning with Piers Morgan and the war veteran Ken and Kia his young career. Yep, it had me in tears. But also made me laugh. Tremendous pick me up for the nation. That young girl is amazing. Everything came from the heart." A third person tweeted: "Still in tears! Interview with Ken and Kia was soo touching. Well done Piers and Susanna for giving them extra time to talk. Loved it." 

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