Piers Morgan leaves GMB's Dr Hilary red-faced after cheeky comments

Dr Hilary is happily married to his third wife, Dee Thresher

Andrea Caamano

Good Morning Britain's Piers Morgan left Dr Hilary Jones red-faced as he began Thursday's show revealing that members of his family found Hilary very attractive. The presenter read out messages from his niece and his mother, which revealed that they fancied the doctor, leaving him incredibly embarrassed.

Piers started: "'Dr Hilary is possibly the most fanciable individual I have ever laid my eyes on, I think it might be love.' It's my niece, one of my nieces!" A modest Dr Hilary quipped, "Well the opticians are closed at the moment aren't they?" Piers carried on: "Then my mother piped up, 'Oh he's gorgeous. I used to watch him way back in my forties. Everyone fancied him.' This is my own family WhatsApp chat!" "Yeah they're obsessed with Dr Hilary," laughed Susanna Reid.

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Viewers of the show were quick to notice his reaction, with one commenting on Twitter: "@GMB Dr Hilary blushing like a beetroot." Another one wrote: "@piersmorgan @GMB I agree with your niece Dr Hilary is [love heart emoji]. He would make a good James Bond."

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Despite all the attention he is getting from the ladies, Dr Hilary only has eyes for one special woman - his third wife, Dee Thresher.

Hilary and fitness expert Dee met when they worked together on GMTV's Bikini Diet segment back in 2008. At the time, Hilary was married to his second wife, and their relationship remained platonic until sometime later.


Dee previously recalled: "I was the GMTV fitness expert helping people get in shape for summer and he was the doctor giving health advice. We were filming in Spain and really got on. A year later we were both at a friend's wedding, re-connected and we've been together ever since."

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The couple keep their relationship out of the spotlight, although Dee is no stranger to the world of celebrity. As a personal trainer, she helped design the workouts featured in many stars’ workout DVDs, including the likes of Natalie Cassidy, Charlie Brooks and Letitia Dean.