Dr Hilary surprises viewers with cheeky jibe towards GMB co-star

The TV medic had a quick retort!

Dr Hilary has fast become one of Good Morning Britain viewers' favourite people on the breakfast show - particularly due to his banter with one of his co-stars, Piers Morgan. On Wednesday's show, the doctor made a cheeky reference to Piers' abs after the TV presenter said that Cristiano Ronaldo has complimented them. 

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WATCH: Dr Hilary jokes about Piers

Susanna Reid joked: "Can I just point out, just because someone says you have good abs doesn't mean you do." Piers replied: "So are you calling Ronaldo a liar? Okay." Dr Hilary then joked: "Yeah, great abdominals for a double hernia!" Fans were surprised by Dr Hilary's quick jibe, with one writing: "@piersmorgan just been owned by Dr Hilary," while another added: "OMG Dr Hilary... 'yeah, great abdominals for a double hernia!' Cheeky cheeky LOL."

Dr Hilary and Susanna teased Piers

The pair also had a disagreement on Tuesday's show, when Dr Hilary asked Piers why journalists didn't raise the alarm regarding COVID-19. Fans were quick to defend Dr Hilary at the time, with one writing: "Dr Hilary just drops the bomb on @piersmorgan. Where were the journalists before COVID and investigating. Mr Morgan can't answer the question." Another added: "Dr Hilary is THE voice of reason through this whole crisis. Asks the right questions, level headed and explains things in such a way everybody can understand." 

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Previously speaking about the lifting of lockdown rules on the show, Dr Hilary said: "It is a worry. I think herd immunity may be the thing that gets us out. The roads are getting busier again, we’re relaxing too much too early. It’s important we remain vigilant, and as the government says, 'stay alert' – whatever that means – and treat other people like they have the virus."

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