Dr Hilary on GMB

Good Morning Britain reveals Dr Hilary's replacement - and he's already a hit with viewers

Are you missing Dr Hilary on GMB during his time off? 

Emmy Griffiths

Good Morning Britain has revealed that Dr Hilary has been replaced by Dr Mark Porter while the show's resident medical advisor enjoys a week-long break. The breakfast series tweeted an introduction to Mark, who is a NHS GP, on Twitter, writing: "While @DrHilaryJones is away, @drmarkporter is here to answer your coronavirus questions."

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WATCH: Dr Mark Porter will be filling in on GMB

During his appearance on the show, Mark chatted to viewers who had questions about lockdown, including whether they can socially distance in a family member's garden, and when a person at high risk of contracting COVID-19 might be able to go back to work. Fans were enjoying Dr Mark's appearance via FaceTime on the show, with one writing: "Thank you @drmarkporter for answering questions on @GMB to the best of current knowledge about those who are shielding. I’m 14yrs post-transplant & feel like we have been forgotten." Another added: "Nicely done!" 

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Dr Mark was on hand on Tuesday's episode

Piers previously opened up about taking a half-term holiday, saying: "We're going to have half term off next week, even though of course there is no half term, but also it's been a long-haul hasn't it? [...] It's weird to have half term off when there's no half term. We're sort of having half term off from this [situation]. Everyone needs a bit of time out to think about all of this." He also joked that he might not be able to return to the studio, adding: "Today could be our last day. You never know do you, these days?" Susanna was quick to remind Piers of their fortunate situation as he pointed out that they would be spending their break in lockdown, stating: "Well, I'm sorry but people will play the world's smallest violin."  

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