James Corden opens up about life in lockdown with wife and kids in rare interview

The actor was chatting during a recent appearance on The Ellen Show

Francesca Shillcock

James Corden has spoken about his family life while living in lockdown. During a recent appearance on The Ellen Show earlier this week, the former Gavin and Stacey star was discussing how he and his wife, Julia, and their three children, Max, Carey and Charlotte are coping with remaining positive while tackling the perils of home-schooling.

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WATCH: James Corden chats to Ellen about family life in lockdown

"I think we're all experiencing those spikes of anxiety and fear," he told host Ellen DeGeneres. "Anytime I find myself, or me and my wife and in particular our kids, thinking 'oh man this is tough' you just go 'well, right around the corner, there's going to be a glorious moment, and I have no idea how long away it is but it'll be spectacular.'"

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James, his wife Julia and their three children live in LA

The actor and TV presenter, who's currently residing in LA with his family, also spoke about how he's been finding home-schooling his children. "It adds like 25 layers of stress, it's a nightmare. Firstly, it's hard to know who's being home-schooled, whether it's me or my son," he joked. "If im ever sat in in lessons with him, I find myself going 'wow I did not know that'." He continued: "The home-schooling with the lessons and things is fine, it's the homework, I can't do it and my son's nine! And I find myself going - and this is deeply irresponsible - I find myself going 'you know what, Max, honestly you're not going to need any of this in life."

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The presenter, who is currently filming The Late Late Show with James Corden from his home in LA, also discussed the future of his popular segment Carpool Karaoke, which had to put on hold due to social distancing restrictions surrounding the coronavirus pandemic. "I think it'll be a while before we're singing a car with anybody," he explained. "We can't really think of a remote way to do it, it really does rely on two people being in close proximity."

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