Piers Morgan reveals he's craving this food amid lockdown after admitting to weight gain

The Good Morning Britain presenter said he's feeling 'desperate'

Francesca Shillcock

Piers Morgan has admitted he's craving a very particular food while living in lockdown and is now feeling "desperate" to indulge. The Good Morning Britain Presenter explained during Wednesday's episode that he's very keen on the idea of having a Big Mac from McDonalds! After speaking to a correspondent during the show who was down at the fast food chain in Brighton Marina, which is one of 900 stores across the country due to reopen after the coronavirus lockdown, the 55-year-old said he wished he could visit himself.

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"Yesterday, we discussed Ikea and the phenomenal that has passed me by but this one I get," he began. "I have not had a Big Mac, which I would normally have every six or seven weeks, and I will travel a long distance on foot when the craving starts, I have not had one since January, I don't think. I'm desperate, I'm desperate. So I get this, I didn't get Billy bookcases or a Mickey Mouse desk, but I get the craving for a Big Mac."

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Piers revealed he's a fan of fast food

Piers' craving for the popular fast food dish comes soon after the presenter opened up about gaining weight during lockdown. The TV host revealed that his diet during quarantine has caught up with him. "I have put on a bit of weight in lockdown," he told co-host Susanna Reid. "They call it the Covid 10," she joked in response.

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Piers then suggested his extra bloat is due to his wife Celia Walden being a bad influence on his eating habits. He continued: "I wait all afternoon, and I get to about 6 o'clock, and my wife goes, 'Shall we have a Chinese, or get the wine out.'" Piers and his wife are currently self-isolating at their townhouse in west London, having decided to move there with their daughter Elise before lockdown.

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