Piers Morgan gets told off by mum live on tv - watch 

Piers Morgan had a hilarious response to his mum texting him on the show 

Emmy Griffiths

Piers Morgan had a surprise on Good Morning Britain when his mum texted him during the show to defend IKEA after he slated it on the breakfast show. Piers and his co-host, Susanna Reid, had been discussing the long queues outside the furniture store on Monday, with Piers expressing his amazement that anyone would want to wait for that long to go shopping. He also joked about IKEA's range of furniture, and got an earful from his mum as a result! 

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WATCH: Piers told off by mum in IKEA debate

Reading the text from his phone, in which his mum gave him a telling off and added how much she liked the store and wanted their popular Billy bookcase for herself, he said: "My mother: 'Did you just say Billy bookcase? Just what I need!' What are you talking about mother? How do you even know what a Billy bookcase is?" He joked: "Mum, I'll get you a Billy bookcase. I'll buy you one." He revealed that Kelly Hoppen had also texted him, saying: "People have been locked up for weeks and looking at four walls, IKEA is fantastic at everything and people are doing makeovers."


Piers and Susanna discussed those queuing to go to IKEA

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Several viewers agreed with Piers over the IKEA queues, with one writing: "Would you look at this!! A five hour, mile-long queue to get into IKEA! God love the Great British public. I’m with @piersmorgan on this one! I couldn’t think of anything worse. @GMB I could never need a bookcase that much!! There’s not even any food on sale!!" Another person added: "Don't often agree with @piersmorgan but queuing that long for IKEA? I won't even queue for Tesco if the queues long. I just change where I'm food shopping." Susanna also defended the store, telling Piers that she likes visiting the store and always ends up buying a bag of tea lights and a pastry as a treat. 

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