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GMB's Susanna Reid makes Ben Shephard blush as he steps in for Piers Morgan

Ben Shephard stepped in for Piers Morgan, who was off

ben shephard and susanna reid

Susanna Reid was in the best mood on Thursday morning as she was joined by Ben Shephard on Good Morning Britain, while Piers Morgan enjoyed a day off.

"Back to therapeutic Thursdays, Ben Shephard," she said as the show started. "This is where we are, Susanna Reid," added Ben.

Noting Ben's sleek new hairstyle, the 48-year-old presenter said: "Can I just say...very dapper." A blushing Ben smiled as he replied: "Uh, thank you. It's been quite a while."

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"Have you had a cheeky trip to the hairdresser?" Susanna asked her colleague, noting his new hair look.

ben shephard haricut

Ben Shephard's wife Anna has been making sure his hair is looking good during lockdown

Explaining how his wife had helped him give him a trim, he explained: "Oh, do you mean my clandestine underground barber? Yes, Mrs S went to me with the clippers yesterday. Actually, I had a go myself, got a bit bored and I've taken a bit of a hole out on one side so she was evening it up."

"It's looking very good, it also looks like you've had highlights," noted the mother-of-three.

"The silver lining? There's a little bit more greys," admitted Ben, as the camera showed a close-up of his grey hairs.

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"How come you are able to carry that off yet when it happens to me I just have to get the root touch up out?" Susanna admitted.

"What? So you don't think that the silver is to your liking?" Ben asked his colleague, as she continued to praise his look: "Not to my personal liking but I like it on you. You look so distinguished," she added, before getting on with the show.

Ben is stepping in for Piers, who announced on Wednesday night that he would not be on the show. Replying to a follower on Twitter who begged him to let Susanna finish a sentence, he wrote: "Definitely - I'm not in tomorrow."

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