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Ben Shephard and Susanna Reid joke about Piers Morgan's absence from GMB and reveal new details

Piers Morgan is awaiting the results of a coronavirus test

ben shephard and susanna reid
Andrea Caamano
Website Editor
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Piers Morgan revealed on Sunday night that he would not be presenting Good Morning Britain until he receives the results for the coronavirus test he had taken over the weekend. And on Monday morning, his colleagues Susanna Reid and Ben Shephard, who stepped in for the star, gave viewers an update on his condition with the help of Dr Hilary.

"As you can see, I'm not Piers," said Ben at the start of the show. "No, it's no easy mistake," joked Susanna.

Susanna then went on to read out Piers' tweet from Sunday night, in which he explains that he has taken a coronavirus test, before sending her best wishes to the father-of-four.

susanna reid and piers morgan© Photo: Getty Images

"We send our very best wishes to you, Piers, and we will be on our best behaviour while you're not here," she jokingly added, as Ben agreed.

Susanna then spoke to Dr Hilary in order to get a better idea of Piers' condition. "Dr Hilary, people will ask in the circumstances if there is a symptom, should the rest of us be at work?" she asked.

"Well, remember that the symptoms are well defined as to why people should self-isolate. I spoke to Piers yesterday and he doesn't have symptoms normally associated with COVID-19, but as he said, out of an abundance of precaution he has taken the test," Dr Hilary clarified.

piers morgan© Photo: Getty Images

Ben quickly added: "He just wanted a lie in, Dr Hilary," before the doctor hilariously agreed: "I think he just wants to get his car cleaned, but we will find out and hopefully the test will be negative."

Susanna, 49, went on to try and explain why she and Dr Hilary were not self-isolating, saying: "But it doesn't affect us here in the studio because we are practicing strict social distancing and the rules are different, I presume, in work places where you are social distancing and households perhaps, where that isn't possible."

Hilary explained: "Absolutely, I mean, we are 15 metres apart, you two are more than two metres apart, so we've been adhering to the social distancing rules. Social distancing is the most important thing."