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Netflix's 365 Days: does that character really die at the end? 

Have you watched 365 Days on Netflix yet? Spoilers ahead!

365 days

Touted as the new 50 Shades of Grey, 365 Days is the most popular Netflix film at the moment and follows a young Polish woman who is kidnapped in Sicily by a man determined to keep her captive for one year until she falls in love with him. Despite this very problematic storyline, viewers have quickly become obsessed with the very raunchy film - and have demanded answers after it ended on a major cliffhanger. In the film - and spoiler alert - Laura is apparently killed by one of Massimo's rivals as she heads back to his home with her pal in tow. So did she really die? Find out here...

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Does Laura actually die?

While Massimo clearly thinks his beloved is dead, having fallen very dramatically to his knees at the news, according to the books it sounds like she's going to be a-okay. The film is based on the first of a trilogy by Polish author Blanka Lipińska, who completed the three-book series with Another 365 Days back in 2019. The second book confirms that Laura manages to survive the assassination attempt (it also introduces Massimo's twin and yet another kidnapping for poor old Laura). 

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While we're not entirely sure how she makes it out of the tunnel assassination attempt, she is the main character of the second novel, and the Goodreads synopsis, translated from Polish, reads: "Laura Biel's Sicilian life begins to resemble a fairy tale. There is a boisterous wedding, a husband who will do and give everything for her, pregnancy, gifts and unimaginable luxury: service, cars, seaside residences. And everything would be perfect, if not for the fact that the gangsters are all around, an indefinite crime hangs in the air, someone is constantly trying to kidnap and kill her, and Olo, the best friend, blindly follows her footsteps. Being the wife of the most dangerous man in Sicily has its consequences." 

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