Who plays Massimo in Netflix's risqué new film 365 Days? 

Plenty of viewers have been swooning over the erotic Netflix film 

Move aside Christian Grey! Viewers have been loving Netflix's newest film 365 Days, a very, very risqué affair that even puts 50 Shades of Grey to shame. The story follows Laura, a Polish executive who is holidaying in Sicily when she is kidnapped by Massimo, a mafia boss who has been obsessed with finding Laura after seeing her from afar years earlier. He tells her he will keep her captive for 365 days until she falls in love with him (spoiler alert, she does), and thus the problematic scene is set. Despite the controversy surrounding the film's plot, it has shot to the top of Netflix charts, and is currently the second most popular item on the UK-version of the streaming service. So who is the man behind Massimo? Here's everything you need to know... 

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Michele Marrone is the breakout star of 365 Days

Michele Marrone is an Italian actor hailing from Melegnano. While 365 Days has launched him into superstardom, it is by no means his first acting job, as he has previously starred in Duetto, Medici and 2019's The Trial. The actor regularly shares snaps updating fans with what he is up to on Instagram, and has over 2.4million followers. 

The show follows the relationship between Laura and Massimo

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He recently posted a video thanking fans for their support of 365 Days, saying: "I just wanted to thank everybody, thank all of you for the thousands of messages that I'm getting every day. I really appreciate all of your messages, I would like to hug all of you but you're so many so it's not going to be possible! You're all around the world so this Instagram Live... is so we can stay close to each other. I have no words for all of the love that you're giving to me."

Michele has previously starred in Medici

The actor shares two sons, Marcudo and Brado, with his ex-wife, Rouba Saadeh. Since the star hasn't been spotted with a new partner since splitting from Rouba, it looks like he is an eligible bachelor. Naturally, fans have taken to Twitter to discuss their new Internet heartthrob, with one writing: "I will no longer be entertaining any conversations about Christian Grey. This is a purely Massimo account now." Another added: "I only need just 365 seconds to fall in love with #Massimo." A third person added: "I need the next #365dninetflix movie asap. It was so good & Fire. Massimo & Laura are everything."