Fans of Netflix's The Order hoping this character doesn't return for season three

Warning: spoilers for season two of The Order ahead!

Francesca Shillcock

If you're after a dark fantasy thriller to binge on Netflix then this could be your answer. The second season of The Order arrived on the streaming platform this week and it seems fans are already obsessed, with many having binged all ten episodes already!

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Fans are loving season two of The Order

But while many are loving the suspenseful series, many fans had a few words to say about a certain character. If you've not yet watched season two, then beware of some spoilers ahead...

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After Sarah Grey's character Alyssa was attacked and seemingly killed by one of the vicious werewolves on the college campus, fans took to social media to voice their opinion on the plot twist.

One person wrote: "Binged watched all of #theordernetflix I don’t know why I didn't watch it before. Love it! I hope Alyssa doesn’t come back. She's too whiney and annoying." A second person wrote: "#theordernetflix Alyssa Drake is super trash," while a third simply wrote: "Lol. She better stay dead."

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Fans had an interesting reaction when Alyssa was attacked

Despite many viewers not liking the character from the Canadian horror, it seems the second season of the show has gone done a treat with its fans. Plenty are also calling for a third season, yet this is to be confirmed. One person tweeted their praise, writing: "I'm not lying, this is the best show ever created #theordernetflix," while a second person wrote: "Wow. #theordernetflix was action packed and amazing in season 2! Please be a season 3." A third person echoed this thought, commenting: "I need the season 3 right now #theordernetflix."


Many fans are hoping for a season three of the horror

The synopsis for the dark horror reads: "In season two of The Order, the lines between good and evil are more obscure than ever. The Knights struggle to regain their memories stolen from them by The Order and they crave retribution. But vengeance is hard to plan when you're also fighting murderous magicians, strange cults and life-threatening demons. Does anyone even go to class anymore?"

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