The Woods

Netflix's The Woods is the new The Stranger - and viewers are obsessed

The Woods follows the success of The Stranger and Safe

Emmy Griffiths

Harlan Coben is doing very well on the TV adaptation front at the moment! The bestselling crime novelist's third Netflix adaptation, The Woods, follows the success of The Stranger and Safe - and fans are already praising the thrilling series. 

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While the first two shows were set in the UK, The Woods was filmed and is set in Poland, and viewers have either the option of watching the show dubbed in English or with subtitles. The synopsis reads: "Set in two time spans: 1994 and 2019, The Woods tells the story of a Warsaw prosecutor, Pawel Kopiński, who is still grieving the loss of his sister from twenty-five years ago – the night she walked into the woods at a summer camp and was never seen again.

"But now, the discovery of a homicide victim – a boy who vanished along with Pawel's sister – reveals evidence that links him to her disappearance. As hope rises that his sister could still be alive, dangerous secrets from his family's past threaten to tear apart everything that Pawel has been trying to hold together." 


Have you started the new crime thriller yet?

Viewers have been loving the series, with one writing: "Just watched the whole of #TheWoods in a day. Recognised the preview from a book written by @HarlanCoben. Both brilliant and gripping from start to finish." Another added: "Loved @HarlanCoben #TheWoods on @NetflixUK. Definitely best with the subtitles. Grzegorz Damiecki is absolutely brilliant - intense, understated and heartbreaking. Loved it, loved it, loved it - my favourite adaptation so far!" 

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Fans have praised the Polish series

Speaking about the new series, the author behind the story himself recommended that people watch it with subtitles, tweeting: "Proud of the wonderful Polish cast and crew who brought #TheWoods #WGłebiLasu to life. Strongly suggest you watch w subtitles rather than dubbed to appreciate the terrific acting. @netflix gives you that option. Thanks."