Netflix's The Umbrella Academy stars tease plot ahead of season two

Stars Robert Sheehan and Tom Hopper chatted to HELLO! ahead of new series

Francesca Shillcock

The wait is almost over because season two of Netflix's The Umbrella Academy is dropping on Friday 31 July. The second instalment in the comic book inspired show looks just as explosive and exciting as the first and sees the return of many familiar faces for the next chapter.

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WATCH: Official trailer for The Umbrella Academy season two

Two of those familiar faces returning are Tom Hopper, who plays Luther, and Robert Sheehan, who plays Klaus, and the two revealed glimpses of what fans can expect from the brand new episodes. Speaking to HELLO! and other reporters ahead of the launch, Tom, who has also starred in I Feel Pretty and Merlin, began by talking about the moments from the plot that stood out for him.

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Tom Hopper spoke to HELLO! ahead of season two's release

He began: "We're kind of limited on what we can say, which is a shame because the bits later on in the season are probably our favourite bits… but there's a bit later on in this season where I have a lovely bit of storyline with Five, which I particularly enjoyed. It's a very fun, entertaining section for me, and I really enjoyed doing it and it brought another side of Luther out, I thought."


Robert Sheehan plays Klaus

The 35-year-old continued, teasing the ending: "I think the fans will really love the climax at the end of the season, they'll probably get a kick out of that and there's quite a build to the finale. There's [also] some great family moments this year, I think one of the things the fans fell in love with was the way we are, the dynamic as a family and […] as we're quite separated at the beginning of the season, when we're together it's great and you remember why you loved them together as a family."

Robert was also keen to remain fairly tight-lipped about Klaus' arc in season two, but did reveal a snippet of information about his character's relationship with Ben. The Misfits star explained: "I had a lovely bit in the middle […] with the stuff to do with the cult and to do with Ben. And the tables [are] getting turned between Klaus and Ben. Suddenly Ben is puppet master for a change." Sounds intriguing, right?


Season two drops on Netflix on Friday 31 July

No doubt fans of the show will have finished the ten episodes by the end of the weekend. Taking to social media after the trailer was released, plenty were thrilled by its return. One person wrote: "I've been waiting for this for so long, thank you. I love you Netflix and its community," while a second person commented: "My goosebumps have goosebumps and I just want to sleep until the 31st so I don't have to wait that whole time."

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