Ralf Little reveals major change for Neville Parker in Death in Paradise season ten

The Death in Paradise star has opened up about his big plan for season ten

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Ralf Little has previously opened up about his plans for filming season ten of Death in Paradise – and it looks like DI Neville Parker is going to be seriously toned! Chatting to HELLO! and other reporters about the break before returning to the island in Guadeloupe to film the new series, he explained that he wants to learn French – and start training properly.

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Ralf opened up about his plans ahead of returning to the island

Chatting back in December 2019, he said: "I've got roughly four months [before filming season ten]. I want to get my French in order, obviously [Neville] speaks English but it would be nice to speak French on the island. So I have to work on my French, and my physique!

"Neville is not somebody we're going to see coming out with the sea like James Bond, he's probably allergic to everything in the sea. But there may be a scene that they write in where it's like, 'Oh Neville's having a shower, and then he sees Harry and he runs out of the shower.' What I want to happen on the day of shooting, when they go, 'Okay, can you -? I'll just take my T-shirt off and they'll go, 'Wait a second. Why are you ripped?' Neville is not meant to be ripped but I'm going to give them no choice!"

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He added: "I've never bothered to be motivated before so I'm going to be like, 'Right, just in case!'" Ralf's new detective has been a huge hit with viewers since joining the cast midway through season nine, and plenty took to Twitter to praise his performance.

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One viewer wrote: "Loving this current series of #deathinparadise, @RalfLittle is a great addition to the cast but does anyone else want to give Neville a big hug? Poor bloke is allergic to everything." Another person added: "Poor little Brit abroad Neville - really enjoying @RalfLittle joining #deathinparadise."

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