Steph and Dom on Gogglebox

What happened to Gogglebox stars Steph and Dom? 

Find out what the fan favourite couple have been up to 

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Steph and Dom were very much fan favourites on Gogglebox thanks to their hilarious commentary and a penchant for a drink or two while watching television, often joined by their two very adorable Dachshund dogs sandwiched between them. The pair left the show back in 2016, but what have they been up to since? Find out here...

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WATCH: Steph and Dom share adorable video of pet pooch Gigi

The Kent-based couple have gone on to have a successful television career since leaving the series, with Dom starring in The Jump season two, as well as Celebrity Masterchef. The pair also got plenty of laughs after appearing on Channel 4's Hunted together, where they were tasked with eluding surveillance to remain undiscovered for as long as they possibly could.


Steph and Dom have been busy since leaving the show in 2016!

Before and during their time on Gogglebox, Steph and Dom ran a B&B, and sadly confirmed that The Salutation had gone bust back in March, telling the Mirror: "We are sorry to confirm that The Salutation Hotel Ltd, which has been managing The Salutation, has indeed become insolvent. We are in discussions with other interested parties and we aim to have the hotel back up and running very soon, under new management."


Dom competed in series two of The Jump 

However, the couple are looking to the future, and continue to post fun content of their day-to-day life on Instagram. In their latest post, they shared a video of their dog growling while looking out of the window, and wrote: "Busy day in the Parker house today - Gigi has been on Squiggly Patrol - they can’t hear you Gigi!!! Chinchin everyone!" 

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Steph and Dom also had viewers in tears with the Channel 4 documentary Can Cannabis Save Our Son? back in 2019, which looked at their teenage son Max's severe case of epilepsy, and how medical marijuana could ease his symptoms. 


Steph and Dom with their children, Max and Honor

Speaking about the reaction to the documentary about Max's condition, Dom told HELLO!: "We were overwhelmed, genuinely overwhelmed. Literally thousands and thousands of emails and texts, Whatsapps, that kind of stuff, social media, Twitter. It was almost, how can I explain it – slightly scary that so many people watched it and so many people were moved by it and are concerned about the situation with medical cannabis."

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