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Line of Duty star Vicky McClure reveals the real reason fans have to wait for series 6

We need season six of the BBC drama in our lives soon!

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Line of Duty star Vicky McClure previously revealed that series six wasn't happening any time soon after revealing that the show's creator, Jed Mercurio, hadn't started writing a script for the new series back in 2019. And the main reason why? He was too busy penning another season of BBC1's other hit drama Bodyguard! However, while Jed did indeed get around to penning season six, the show's filming was then postponed due to the lockdown, meaning that it won't be on our screens until at least 2021! 

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In an interview with the Guardian back in 2019, Vicky admitted she's not thinking about a new series because work hasn't even started on it yet. She said: "There's nothing to plan around so I'm kind of ignoring it. No-one's got anything to tell us. Nothing's been written." 

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Fans will have to wait a lot longer for series 6

Meanwhile, Jed has now opened up about why he has never killed off the three main characters of Line of Duty, despite being tempted! Chatting at The South Bank Show, Jed revealed that Steve, Kate and Ted were all safe because the actors all get along so well!

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He explained: "I mean, they’re really good actors. But of course they get on really well with each other, we all get on very well, and if that hadn’t happened, one of them would have been – you know – killed. In an unexpected way that would propel the story forward... It's always got to be about what’s in the best interests of the series, because it’s not in the best interests of the character to be dead."

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He continued: "So the way I would approach it is to look at what new story you get from that. And if the audience has got a real attachment to the character, it means that they’re invested in whether there will be justice for that character – or if it’s a mystery, whether they’ll be invested in finding out what might have actually befallen them."

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