Line of Duty

Who is your favourite Line of Duty villain? Take our poll 

Is Tony Gates high up in your books? Or maybe Lindsay Denton was your favourite? 

Emmy Griffiths

While every season of Line of Duty is different, they are all somewhat familiar in one way - there is always a main corrupt officer that AC-12 is investigating. Because the gang are only interested in one thing and one thing only: nicking bent coppers! But which corrupt police officer was your very favourite? Vote in our poll below... 

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POLL: Vote for your favourite Line of Duty villain

While we have loved seeing these corrupt police officers (despite their very best intentions!) come and go over time, fans of the police procedural drama have recently accused one of the main AC-12 gang of being part of the criminal network, and we can't believe it! 

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While rewatching the series on BBC, one person wrote: "Even in series one, Kate is H," adding: "Hand on heart. Very Kaiser Souzai (If you’ve seen The Usual Suspects). Always positioning herself to know something, make innocent suggestions etc. Convinced!" Another person added: "Oh my goodness really?! I've watched it from the start and can't call who H is. But your thoughts have intrigued me." What do you think? 

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