Princess Diana musical is coming to Netflix - and fans are divided

Do you think a musical about Princess Diana's life is appropriate? 

Emmy Griffiths

It was recently revealed that Diana: A True Musical Story will premiere on Netflix ahead of its Broadway debut as a result of the coronavirus lockdown. However, the decision to create a musical based on the late Princess has divided fans. 

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Answering a Good Morning Britain poll on Twitter, 65 per cent of the public voted that they thought it was "disrespectful" to make a musical about the royal. Speaking about the musical, one person wrote: "I get that people want to tell and show her story, but is a musical really the way to do that? I personally think this was a wrong choice. We have enough about Diana. Leave her be, let her rest in peace, and let her legacy speak for itself." 


Will you be tuning in to watch the Diana musical?

Another added: "@GMB the musical about Diana should not go on, it [would] be disrespectful to her name. i remember meeting her back in the 1980s in Lincolnshire and she was so nice I wished that she was my mother back then." 


The show is based on Diana's life, and will premiere on Netflix ahead of Broadway

However, others took a different view, with one tweeting: "We make films and musicals about so many actual people, why is Diana any different? Can't see it being any good though. They've failed to make a decent movie of her life so a musical doesn't fill me with hope." Another person added: "Disrespectful to who? I don't believe so. There are a lot of people who don't know much about her life and I suppose it depends on where all the info comes from." 

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A performance of the show will be filmed to be released on Netflix, and Equity Executive Director Mary McColl spoke to Deadline about how they would be taking steps to adhere to COVID-19 safety measurements. She said: "Today, we can announce that we have approved a safety plan for Diana. Now comes the hard part – taking a safety plan from the page and putting it into practice. The work to provide the safest workplace possible in this environment will require everyone to work together, from the employer to every employee." 

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