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Fans devastated after Penny Dreadful spin-off cancelled - find out why 

Were you a fan of City of Angels? 

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Fans of Penny Dreadful: City of Angels were devastated to hear the show has been cancelled by Showtime after just one season. The series, which starred Natalie Dormer, is set 50 years after the original series and follows a detective and his partner as they investigate a grisly murder in 1938 Los Angeles.

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Showtime confirmed that the show was cancelled in a statement to Variety which read: "Showtime has decided not to move forward with another season of Penny Dreadful: City of Angels. We would like to thank executive producers John Logan, Michael Aguilar and the entire cast and crew for their outstanding work on this project." 


Game of Thrones star Natalie Dormer starred in the supernatural drama

City of Angels supporters took to Twitter to complain about the news, with one writing: "Noooo! I loved this show, such a mistake to cancel." Another gave an insight into why the show might have been cancelled, adding: "Sounds like a lot of people gave up watching early on. Pity, as it really picked up. Rory Kinnear & Nathan Lane were in amazing form, and the exploration of race issues was very topical. But, I don't think the supernatural elements had come together yet, which is a PD core item." 


Did you watch City of Angels season one?

A third person tweeted: "Just found out that #PennyDreadfulCityofAngels has been cancelled. I hate this. My wife and I loved the diverse cast and storytelling. Natalie Dormer is a goddess. And now I can't argue with @BrentSpiner about his police chief knowing what was gonna happen to the prisoner. Sucks." 

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This isn't the only popular show that has been cancelled recently, as it was recently confirmed that Netflix original series' White Lines and The Society wouldn't be going ahead with second seasons. 

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Sharing a photo of his character Marcus in the former on Instagram, actor Daniel Mays wrote: "Following the reports in the press over the past couple of days and for all those asking me on here, it’s with a heavy heart I post the #WhiteLines season two ship has well and truly sailed." 

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