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Nigella Lawson baffles fans with hilarious pronunciation of 'microwave'

The chef left Cook, Eat, Repeat viewers in hysterics

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Eve Crosbie
Eve CrosbieTV & Film Writer
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Nigella Lawson often leaves fans in total amazement at her incredible culinary skills and the delicious recipes she creates. However, the 60-year-old chef has left fans well and truly astonished for another reason - the strange way she pronounces the word 'microwave'.

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During Monday night's episode of her new BBC cooking show Cook, Eat, Repeat, Nigella whipped up a delicious looking batch of brown butter colcannon. After mashing potatoes, the chef guided viewers through the recipe and the next step, which was to pour in some heated milk.

"I still need a bit of milk – full fat – which I've warmed in the microwave," she said, pronouncing the household appliance as "me-crow-wav-vay". Watch Nigella's bizzare pronounciation of the word below!

WATCH: Nigella Lawson's unique way of pronouncing 'microwave' revealed

It wasn't long before viewers took to social media to express their bewilderment at the celebrity chef's pronunciation of the word. 

One Twitter user wrote, "2020 has thrown a lot of curveballs at us but I was truly not expecting the way Nigella Lawson says microwave to be one of them" while another questioned if they heard the epic TV blunder correctly. "Did Nigella Lawson really just call a microwave a 'mee-cro-waavay?", they asked.

However, some viewers were on board with Nigella's new pronunciation of the appliance, with one fan declaring: "Nigella Lawson just pronounced Microwave as 'Meekro-Warvay' so I guess that's the only way to say it from now on."

cook eat repeat© Photo: BBC

Some Cook, Eat, Repeat viewers were on board with Nigella's new pronunciation

"Nigella Lawson saying 'microwave' like this has made my Christmas already," another tweeted.

A third joked: "How do I set Nigella Lawson's pronunciation of microwave as my ringtone?"

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This isn't the first time Nigella Lawson's new cooking series has raised a few eyebrows. A recent episode saw the chef recommend using banana peel for texture and flavour. In the spirit of not wasting food, Nigella advised viewers to chop up discarded banana skins in an unconventional cauliflower curry recipe. 

Nigella explained the thinking behind using food otherwise destined for the compost in her cooking. She said: "I can't bear throwing anything away. And when I found out that you could eat banana skins, I couldn't get in the kitchen fast enough. It's a revelation.

"And for those who feel hesitant about the idea, I assure you that you would never guess my banana skin curry had banana skins in it. You wouldn't even think bananas."

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