The Handmaid's Tale season four new clip confirms major storyline for Serena Joy 

Warning, spoilers ahead for season four 

A new clip from the upcoming fourth season of The Handmaid's Tale has confirmed a major plot line for Serena Joy. After three seasons of desperately wanting a baby, it appears that she is finally pregnant with a child on her own with her husband, Fred Waterford. 

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The clip reveals an insight into the Waterfords' maid Rita's life after she managed to make it into Canada in the season three finale. In the trailer, Moira can be heard saying: "I heard from the court that there's been a request from Serena Joy. She wants to know if you'll see her." 

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In another scene, Rita can be seen sitting with Serena, who is showing her the baby bump. She said: "I didn't think the commander could. He must be beside himself." Serena then confirms that she hasn't told her husband, and doesn't intend to either. Despite this, Rita can be seen handing Fred an ultrasound, telling him to "deal with his family". 

Season four will return on 28 April

The clip also reveals an insight into Rita's struggle working for the Waterfords while in Gilead, as she says: "Serving those who are not only the architects of my prison but of Gilead itself, took everything I had. Until I discovered that being part of the resistance dedicated to making everyone free, would cost even more." 

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Speaking about the revelation in the clip, one person commented: "So the Serena being pregnant theory is true.. I hope she doesn't get to keep it and ends up becoming a handmaid, herself. That would be a satisfying ending for her." Another added: "Nobody said that Serena is infertile...they just think that but then it was told that the problem is Fred actually...that is what Tuello said Serena in Canada..she could have a who knows what's going on now." 

The show will air on 28 April on Hulu in the US, and is set to premiere in the UK on Channel 4 shortly after. Are you looking forward to it? We know we are! 

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