Ralf Little teases Neville's romance with Florence in Death in Paradise season 11

We'd love to see the two of them together!

Ralf Little has opened up about the final moments of Death in Paradise season ten, and what it could be going ahead to season 11. 

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In a major cliffhanger, the finale saw Ralf's character DI Neville Parker make his way to see Florence, who is getting ready for a date, in order to admit his true feelings for her. However, the episode ends before it is revealed whether he actually had the courage to go through with it. 

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Chatting to HELLO!, the popular actor said: "I think it could go either way as Neville’s come a long way, he’s a much stronger person than he was when he arrived on the island.

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"He might have the bottle to go through with it. But then again, you know, she's an intimidatingly charming and beautiful woman who he worked really closely with... I just wouldn’t have a clue which way it’s gonna go so I'm afraid, you’re just gonna have to wait and see and if it's any consolation. I'm gonna have to wait and see as well! So I'm not holding anything back." 

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Fans are certainly keen to see the moment happen, and have dubbed the pair 'Floreville' on social media. Speaking about the nickname, Ralf joked: "I'm delighted that we are literally using Floreville now... that makes me very very happy. I really hope this continues in the press and in the world." 

Are you a fan of Floreville?

Speaking about the potential romance, one person tweeted: "You guys really left me screaming at the tv cuz we didn’t get a floreville kiss," while another added: "I mean, just how dare they end Death in Paradise like that...I needed, no wanted to hear that. Florence and Neville are perfect if even they don't quite realise it yet... come on Floreville we got you!" 

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