Death in Paradise star Ralf Little wants best friend to join the show

The pair do a podcast together 

It is not secret that Death in Paradise star Ralf Little adores his gig as DI Neville Parker on the hit murder mystery show and he has revealed that one thing that could make working on the set even better!

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Chatting to HELLO! about his ideal guest star for the show, he admitted that he would love to do an episode with his Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps co-star Will Mellor. He explained: "People keep on asking me if I can get Will Mellor on the show, because we do a podcast together, but it’s a little tricky because Will’s already been in it.

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"Death in Paradise prides itself on not getting the same actors and giving different parts away. They’ve never ever repeated the same cast until one day they made an exception for me! So I'd love to try and get Will out because we’d have such a laugh but it may be a difficult sell to the producers - we'll see." 

The star also wants Sir Ian on the show

He added that he would also be thrilled if Lord of the Rings star Sir Ian McKellen had a guest spot on the show. "We always aim for huge, huge stars because why not, it's a really popular show," he said. "It's really well put together. It doesn't hurt to say to people you could come and spend two weeks in the Caribbean if you fancy so that's never a bad thing. It’d be great if Ian McKellen came out to do something.

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"Fly him out first class! I’d pay for it! Put him on a private jet, fly him out and let him play the dead body so he has like one line and then just one day's filming and then just swans around the set like an absolute legend." 

Joking about how the episode's 'victim' gets the best job, he added: "If you’re the victim, you turn up you do a little bit of reconstruction filming which takes about a day, sometimes a day and a half, and then you’re there for two weeks!" Sounds good to us! 

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