Run star Kiera Allen reveals true meaning behind 'twisted' ending

arah Paulson and Kiera Allen play mother and daughter in the film

New Netflix film Run is hugely popular right now. The horror film, starring Sarah Paulson and Kiera Allen, tells the story of a problematic relationship between a mother, Diane, and her daughter, Chloe, and everything that unfolds in their turbulent lives.

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Now, star of the show, Kiera, has opened up about that noteworthy ending that has got everyone talking – and even revealed the true meaning behind the turn of events. Warning – spoilers for the film ahead!

The movie sees Chloe, who was born prematurely and suffers a myriad of health conditions as a result, find out her mother had been in fact poisoning her throughout her life. Seven years later, the tables turn and Chloe begins administering medication to her mother as an act of payback for years of abuse.

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Speaking in a recent interview with Deadline, the actress clarified her character's actions in the final scene. "Oh, so twisted! This final scene is something that [director] Aneesh [Chaganty] and I put a lot of work into behind the scenes," she began.

"I don't see it as her going to kill her mother at the end, I see it as her doing what her mother’s done to her for so many years. She's keeping her sick, she's keeping her as non-threatening. This is coming from a place of her having been traumatized by this person.

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Sarah Paulson and Kiera Allen in Run

"She wants to have a relationship with her mother and she's rationalized it to herself as this being the only way she can feel safe around her mother. The only way she can give them both what they need is to incapacitate her, to make her not a danger anymore."

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The ending in particular is what fans have been talking about on social media since the film dropped. Many have taken to Twitter to give their verdict, with one person writing: "Ok I watched #Run on Netflix and I was very pleased with the ending."

Another said: "If you haven't watched #Run on Netflix yet, watch it!!! Tense thriller, with a brilliant twist."

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