Netflix's Run ending explained – and fans are loving the twist

Warning! Spoilers for the new Sarah Paulson film ahead…

Netflix's latest thriller, Run, has proved to be a big hit with film lovers recently thanks to its intriguing plot and leading star Sarah Paulson's performance. But it seems that it was the ending and a twist that got viewers talking the most.

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Many were left feeling "tense" after the ending and took to social media to give their verdict. Here's what the fans thought and an explanation of what really happened at the end of Run, but warning – major spoilers for the movie ahead...

Sarah Paulson plays a mother, Diane, who keeps her daughter, Chloe, shielded from the outside world after her premature and traumatic birth which lead to a number of health conditions including paralysis.

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However, the seemingly loving and caring mother soon reveals a sinister side and the truth about how she's been treating and medicating Chloe comes to light.

At the height of the film, Chloe soon discovers that her mother had been poisoning her with dog medication which resulted in her paralysis. Not only that, it's then revealed that Chloe is not in fact her real daughter. After the traumatic birth 17 years prior, Diane's daughter Chloe died and the mother subsequently stole another baby from the hospital and raised her as her own.

Once all the dark secrets are exposed, Chloe and Diane come face-to-face at the hospital which then results in the mother being shot trying to flee the scene. After the altercation, Diane then ends up in hospital needing care – enter Chloe and a dramatic turn of events.

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Sarah Paulson plays Diane in the film

By the end, seven years have passed and Chloe has since moved on from her life. She's married, had children and reunited with her birth parents - but it dones't end there. 

Chloe, who still visits Diane in hospital every month to give her medication, sits down beside her mother's hospital bed in a tense scene.

The daughter says "I love you, mom. Now, open wide", only to feed her the exact same green pills that Diane had been feeding her throughout her life. It seems Chloe now holds the power and keeping her mother sick as an act of revenge for years of abuse.

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What did you think of the end of the film?

Plenty of Run fans gave their thoughts on the ending on social media. One person tweeted: "Sarah Paulson is on form as always in this tense and gripping film still even though I called the twist in the first minute. The ending is superb and satisfying! Must watch!! 8/10 #MovieReview #MyMovieReview."

Another wrote: "If you haven't watched #Run on Netflix yet, watch it!!! Tense thriller, with a brilliant twist," while a third said: "Ok I watched #Run on Netflix and I was very pleased with the ending." 

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