Behind Her Eyes book moment that was too dark for TV adaptation

Did you enjoy the psychological thriller? 

Behind Her Eyes was the show that viewers couldn't stop talking about thanks to its outlandish plot twist and shocking ending - but according to the book's author, Sarah Pinsborough, the show's conclusion was almost very different - and two very dark moments weren't included at all. 

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The story follows Louise, a single mother who grows close to a married couple, Adele and David, and is taught how to 'astral project' by Adele. It is eventually revealed that Adele is actually her old best friend, Rob, who astral projected into her body, stealng her identity. In the finale, Rob uses the same trick on Louise, and takes her body while leaving Louise to die trapped in a house fire. 

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Chatting to The Independent, Sarah revealed that certain TV executives wanted the ending to be happier, explaining: "I think they wanted Louise to survive. You know, I get that. But yeah, that wasn’t going to happen." She eventually sold the rights to a different production company to stick with a loyal adaptation of the best-selling novel. 

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However, she did reveal two book moments that were taken from the show, saying: "I’m very glad they didn’t kill the cat [as Rob does in the book], because when I was watching it the first time and we got to the cat, I was like, 'Oh, my God, oh, my God – writing it is one thing, but I don’t want to watch the dead cat.' I think it would have been a step too far for the show. Actually, if I was writing it again, I probably would have taken that out. 

Rob became Adele, and then Louise, in the show

"And I’m glad they took out that when Rob went into Adele’s body, she was pregnant [and he has an abortion]. I think that would have been really too dark for TV."

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