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Line of Duty fans fear Kate's fate after spotting major clue in credits

We're counting down the hours until episode five

Line of Duty fans fear Kate's fate after spotting major clue in credits

We're still not over the major cliffhanger from episode five of Line of Duty and we're counting down the hours to find out what happened between PC Ryan Pilkington, DI Kate Fleming and DCS Jo Davidson.

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Plenty of Line of Duty fans have been sharing their theories ahead of the highly-anticipated sixth episode this week, but some have spotted a major clue – and it's sent them into a panic!

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A number of eagle-eyed viewers noticed that in the BBC credits for episode six, Vicky McClure's name is not listed alongside the likes of Martin Compston, Adrian Dunbar and more, leading many to speculate that Kate had been shot during the final moments of the last episode.

The names of Kelly Macdonald, who plays Jo Davidson, and Gregory Piper (Ryan Pilkington) were not listed either. One person said on Twitter: "Are #LineOfDuty playing with our minds? There is no #Kate listed on the credits for Sunday's sixth episode of @Line_of_duty."

Another said: "Ha, I see the information on the EPG for episode six is nice and vague, and three names are conspicuous by their absence from the cast list... #LineOfDuty," while a third said: "I love Kate Fleming... aka Vicky McClure. Kate surely isn't dead?! #LineofDuty6 #LineOfDuty." 

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series six lod© Photo: BBC

Kelly Macdonald and Gregory Piper in Line of Duty

Given we still have two episodes to go, it's likely that the creators of the show have omitted the names to keep us guessing. Meanwhile, many other fans are convinced that Kate makes it through due to a previous trailer released by the BBC before series six aired.

The original trailer sees Kate Fleming and Jo Davidson being held up by police, with Ted Hastings saying: "This is Superintendent Hastings. You'll be treated fairly under the full protection of the law."

episode six cast list© Photo: BBC

Kate, Jo and Ryan were missing from the episode six cast list 

Since Jo and Kate are wearing the same outfits as in episode five, we can reasonably assume that Kate survived being lured into Ryan and Jo's trap. It also leads us to think that, since we heard two gunshots, it could well have been both Jo and Kate who shot Ryan - who is nowhere to be seen in the trailer. 

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