7 films and TV shows to watch if you liked Love and Monsters

Do you love comedy-horror? We've got you covered... 

Love and Monsters is Netflix's number one film at the moment, with viewers praising the new movie which follows Joel as he makes his way through a monster-infested world in order to reunite with his one true love.

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We have put together our top recommendations of films and shows that have a similar vibe - so if you love all things comedically apocalypse, this is for you... 

Daybreak - Netflix 

Netflix's cheerful Lord of the Flies-esque show follows teenager Josh who lives in a wasteland of savage teenage gangs after all of the adults of the world became inflicted with the same virus - turning into zombified ghouls. In the show, Josh is determined to reunite with his one true love no matter what, and teams up with child genius Angelica to help him out. 

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Spontaneous - Amazon Prime Video

Based on the hugely popular novel, Katherine Langford stars as high school student Mara, who is forced to live life in the moment with her classmate Dylan after their peers begin spontaneously exploding - for no reason at all. 

Chaos Walking - Available to rent

Tom Holland plays Todd in this dystopian film set in a world where only the men are left - all of whom can see each other's thoughts, or 'Noise', on a day-to-day basis. So when Todd finds a girl, Viola (Daisy Ridley) in a space shipwreck, he decides that he has to protect her, no matter what. Oh, and like with Love and Monsters, there's also a very loveable dog. 

Anna and the Apocalypse - Netflix 

Love zombies? Love musicals? Then this is for you. A zombie apocalypse is threatening to ruin Christmas in Little Haven, and Anna and her school mates have to do what it takes to survive - while having a little singsong along the way, of course. 

Scouts Guide to the Apocalypse - Amazon Prime Video

The synopsis for this charming comedy-horror reads: "When their peaceful town is ravaged by a zombie invasion, three scouts and one badass cocktail waitress will fight for the badge of a lifetime and put their scouting skills to the test to save mankind from the undead." 

Zombieland - Netflix

How could we not give Zombieland a mention? In this delightfully funny zombie film, starring Jesse Eisenberg and Emma Stone, a loner who has only managed to survive by sticking to himself, teams up with new friends while trying to reach his family across the country. 

Teen Wolf - Netflix 

Starring Love and Monsters star Dylan O'Brien in an equally charismatic role as the scene-stealing Stiles Stilinski, we would rate Teen Wolf as one of the most underrated teen shows out there. The story follows Scott, who has to deal with receiving wolfy powers after being bitten, as well as the other mythical beings that begin to arrive in town. Season three is particularly awesome. 

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