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Rosamund Pike opens up about I Care a Lot's shock ending 

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Emmy Griffiths
TV & Film Editor
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Rosamund Pike has opened up about the twist ending to I Care a Lot which left viewers in shock! Chatting to USA Today, the actress revealed that she loves the ending "because it gives you everything". Warning, spoilers ahead for the Netflix and Amazon Prime Video film!

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In the darkly comic thriller, Rosamund's character Marla finally makes her stupendous fortune by ultimately getting the best of Roman Lunyov (Peter Dinklage), and then going into business with him. The film begins to conclude by revealing that she has made billions off the morally corrupt guardianship business - only for a disgruntled family member of one of her clients to shoot and kill her. 

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Chatting about the twist, she explained: "I love the ending of this film because it gives you everything. You sort of want to see Marla win. You want to see the giddy heights of success... the idea of care homes all over the country with her name on them. 

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Rosamund plays the morally corrupt Marla

"In like a couple of years, this whole shady business is going to be washed clean and she's going to be a pillar of the industry making hefty bequests to charitable organisations. She's going to be Saint Marla. People like that get away with it all the time. That is how it goes. And then of course (the movie) doesn't let her get away with it."

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Viewers loved the ending, with one writing: "#ICareALot was such an infuriating movie... but what a great ending," while another added: "The last 30 minutes of this movie will make you SO mad (it's great to feel so emotionally invested in a movie) but the ending is really worth it. Push through! The fall of an antagonist is really worth waiting for." 

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Did the ending surprise you?

Others weren't too sure, with one tweeting: "The end wasn’t satisfying enough for me. I want an alternative ending and they need to go harder! It was too quick #ICareALot." 

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