7 shows to watch if you loved Behind Her Eyes 

See our top picks for shows similar to the Netflix hit 

The hit Netflix show Behind Her Eyes had viewers glued to the screen as they tried to work out just what on earth was going on - only for it all to become clear following a major plot twist. So what other shows are out there that will make you want to devour episode after episode to get some answers? See our top picks here... 

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Orphan Black - Netflix 

In this criminally underrated series, petty criminal Sarah is down to her last spare change when she witnesses a woman throw herself under a train. The twist? The woman is Sarah's genetic identical. Seeing a horrible opportunity, Sarah decides to borrow the woman's identity and take her money. Little does she know what she has let herself in for... 

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Westworld - NOW/Sky 

Like Behind Her Eyes, Westworld is one of those shows where you just don't know if anyone is who they say or think they are. The series is based in a manmade theme park made to look and feel like the Wild West, with robots populating the park who are so realistic that even they - and the viewer - have no idea who is really human and who isn't. Get ready for one brilliant twist after the other. 

Russian Doll - Netflix 

In this Groundhog Day-esque comedy-drama, Nadia is killed on her birthday... only to wake up again at the start of her party. As she tries to work out just what on earth is happening to her (drugs? A curse? Is she simply dead?) and major midseason revelation has her look at her situation a whole different way. Also, there are some brilliant one-liners. 

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Wayward Pines - Amazon Prime Video (to rent/buy) 

An FBI agent is set to the sleepy town of Wayward Pines to look into the disappearance of two officers - only to find himself stuck there himself. Not to mention that he can't get hold of the outside world, the townspeople act strangely, and there are recordings of crickets played at night. Freaky, right? You'll have to watch and find out what it's all about... 

Black Mirror - Netflix

This hit anthology show looks at different versions of the future, and how potential technology can change life drastically - but a major part of its success is the mysteries along the way - some of which packing a major punch. We would recommend White Bear, Shut Up and Dance and USS Callister for some jaw-dropping moments. 

Mr Robot - Amazon Prime Video 

Need a trippy psychological drama where you never quite know what is going on? You couldn't get any better than this hit show starring Rami Malek. The story follows cyber-security engineer Elliot, who also works as a hacker and finds himself recruited into a notorious underground vigilante group. 

The Returned - Amazon Prime Video (to rent/buy) 

This creepy French drama is based in a town where suddenly several people come back from the dead years after their deaths, seemingly fine with no idea that they ever died. While the fallout is shocking enough, with people coming to terms that their loved ones are back, some decades after their passing, there is also the question of how and why? 

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