Intergalactic's Imogen Daines reveals major plot change the show underwent

The actress spoke to HELLO! about the new sci-fi series

Sky One's latest addition to its TV roster comes in the form of sci-fi drama, Intergalactic – an eight-hour long expedition to outer space set in a dystopian London 150 years on from present day.

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Although the entire series is now out, Imogen Daines, who plays Verona, revealed to HELLO! that the plot underwent a major change due to filming restrictions last year.

Chatting to HELLO! about her time on set for Intergalactic, Imogen said: "It was supposed to be a ten-hour, ten-episode show and we were stood down [because of coronavirus].

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WATCH: Officail trailer for Sky's Intergalactic

"I think the execs were just aware, because it's such a big show, we had so many bodies in the space [...] and then they sent a memo out saying, 'We're going to make sure we're on top of this and stand you down now.' We all thought we were coming back because we hadn't finished the show."

Fortunately, the actress, who's also known for her work in Netflix's Black Mirror and The Witcher, assured that the missing episodes mean they have content for a potential second series.

"We then got a call saying actually they were really lucky because we'd shot nine episodes and it just so happened that the end of eight, narratively, was a really neat finish," she explained. "So they said we're going to use eight, and then we've got nine and a bit of ten in the bag if we come back for season two."

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Imogen spoke to HELLO! ahead of Intergalactic's release

Imogen, who appears alongside the likes of Sharon Duncan-Brewster and Eleanor Tomlinson in the new sci-fi drama, added that wrapping early came as a surprise to the cast and even proved to be an emotional moment.

"The strangest and saddest thing about the whole thing was that we never got to say goodbye to each other, because we weren't all in that last scene on that last day. I'm really looking forward to being a room together again and actually toast to it, because it felt so weird just not being able to celebrate it."

Intergalactic is out now on Sky

Intergalactic, set in the futuristic 'Commonworld', focuses on young space cop, Ash, who's just at the cusp of a glittering career when she's suddenly wrongly accused of committing treason. After being sent to an outer space prison, named The Hemlock, and meeting a gang of criminals, she soon discovers that there's more going on in her life than previously thought.

After meeting her fellow inmates, they soon go on the run from the authorities and Ash is tasked with a secret mission to track a former spy by her mother Rebecca, the Head of Galactic Security and the leader of Commonworld government. But along the way, Ash starts to realise more about her family's dark secret and suddenly a quest for the hard truth becomes the priority.

Intergalactic is out now on Sky One and NOW.

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